Hot Water Boilers

We have a range of Hot Water Boilers, for small and medium business usage, these offer time efficiency, by supplying instant hot water for Tea & Coffee, the water is also filtered to improve the taste.

Filter Water Taps

We have a selection of 'Swan neck' Taps, which we install with a filter, providing pure, great tasting water, for drinking and cooking.


Drinking Cups

  • Clear Plastic Cups - 7oz and 9oz - Cases of 1,000
  • Blue Plastic or Paper Cups Cone - 4 oz - Cases of 5,000

In Cup Drinks

We supply In Cup drinks, with 300 drinks per box. Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee, Cadbury's Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, PG Tips and various soups. Mixed cases also supplied.

Please contact us for further details on product options and prices.

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Bottled Water Coolers

With a broad selection of dispensers, to include Bottled Water Coolers in a selection of colours to match with Corporate branding, Mains-Fed Water Coolers in Graphite and Silver, as well as Coffee Machines & Hot Water Systems for instant boiling water - we offer a complete Drinking Water solution!


Bottled Water Coolers Mains Fed Coolers


Everest Elite






Coffee Machines Hot Water Systems (Boilers)

Mini Matrix will exceed your expectations

Mini Matrix

  • Table Top H66cm W16.5cm D45.5cm
  • 8 Speciality Drink options plus Hot Water
  • Includes strong & Large drink options
  • LED illuminated cup station
  • 13 Amp Power
  • Standby eco-mode

Bolero series

...the Bolero series for medium to high usage

Bolero series

  • Bolero 2 - H58.4cm W20.3cm D20.3cm
  • BoleroXL- H59.6cm W33.8cm D43.5cm
  • 8 Speciality Drink options plus Hot Water
  • LED backlight for clear menu selection
  • 13 Amp Power
  • Standby eco-mode

Compact 1000

...its small but impressive

Compact 1000

  • H44cm W21.8cm D34.5cm
  • Temp 97oC
  • Well insulated (minimal heat loss)
  • 13 Amp Power
  • Filtered Water

Goodbye Kettle, hello to unlimited, boiling water


Please note the above pack shots may not be to scale.